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solve Foam Party and Snow fluid Problems

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Can I play chemist with party foam and snow solutions?
It is best to use the entertainment solutions as directed on the label. Don't mix ingredients with the Party Foam or Snow fluid solutions. Mixing ingredients can hurt the safety factors of the party foam and snow.

Can I add colors or dyes to the party foam or snow solution?
This could cause staining of clothing and skin or rashes to develop from allergic response.

Can I add scents and smells to the party foam or snow juice concentrate?
This could cause rashes and other allergic reactions. Most scents and smells are aldehydes which are one step away from being acids. Remember smells and odors linger. If no rinse off shower is provided people could become unhappy smelling for the rest of the day.

Will dryer party foam and snow juice create more fun?
YES! Fun will be had and the more bubbles per volume of foam solution will be generated. Wet foam causes wet clothing. Wet clothing can cause chaffing and rashes to develop. People should exit the generated party foam or snow flakes before their clothing becomes wet or saturated. Small children should be reminded not to eat or breathe in the foam for it could cause sinus irritation or nausea as with the ingestion of any soap product.

Why does the Party Foam or Snow juice feel gooey or sticky?
The mixture of the water to foam ratio is not high enough meaning you are using too much party foam fluid or snow juice concentrate. More water should be added. If this flattens out or lowers the bubble count of the foam your water is too hard. Good foam generation is based on soft water, below 150 ppm hardness.

Do I need to clean my foam or snow machine?
Party Foam or Snow juice flakes should be generated with a clean machine. Thoroughly rinse out the machine till no foam is generated. Then rinse the machine foam system with an alcohol (isopropyl rubbing alcohol). This helps flush out the molds, mildews, and bacteria that could be growing in the machine. If you have never cleaned your foam machine, snow machine, or bubble generator there is a good chance you are coating your clients in molds, mildews, or bacteria. This could lead to rashes, illness, or allergic reactions.

What type of water is needed to blow the best party foam or snow juice?
This means you want a dry foam, made with the least amount of entertainment foam solution. The water used for diluting the foam party fluid or snow juice concentrate needs to be the softest possible. The harder the water the more party foam fluid or snow juice concentrate will be needed to make the foam. This means more expense for you and more chance of  gooey foam. Water below 150 ppm hardness blows great foam. Water hardness above that leads to less desirable foam. The purchase of a water softener or purifier could increase the fun and the facts.

Can I store leftover unused pre mixed party foam solution?
Don't save or store diluted or contaminated entertainment foam solutions. These dilutions can act as food sources for molds, bacteria, and mildews. Next time the stored unused solution is used, rashes or other health issues could develop.

Can party foam fluid or snow juice solution hurt plants?
Plants do not like being trampled to death or drowned. This is why foam pits were invented. Be sure to remove the pit ASAP so the grass does not suffocate. Remember, if you are using 55 gallons of entertainment solutions, you are going to have 55 gallons of waste water to dispose of, unless you blow dry foam that evaporates carrying the water away with it. Think of using a inflatable foam pit such as from  or EBAY. If you are going to do it professionally a rinse off station is advisable..

If something is not going as planned stop and think..........

This notice is meant to advise all foam, snow, bubble solution users of just some of the difficulties that could arise in the use of entertainment solutions. Since the manufacturer has no control over the use of this product, sole liability for the use of this product is the responsibility of the person generating the entertainment solutions.
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