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RJNWorld Sow Biz Party Foam
"How to Select a Foam Party Machine"
RJNworld Foam Party
"What foam party machine do I need?"

The amount of foam needed will determine the type or quantity of foam machine/s needed.
RJNWorld barrel foam machine
Barrel Party Foam Machine
RJNWorld Barrel Foam Machine

Barrel Foam Machines are ususally the highest producers of foam. This is because of their straight through design allows air to pass fast through them. With the correct foam fluid flow, they can generate "tons" of foam quickly. These units have a high volume fan that generates the air flow. At the exit end of the barrel is a screen mesh. This mesh gets sprayed with a foam solution mist. As the high speed air pass through the mesh it picks up the foam soluion and makes a bubble. Stack these bubbles up and you have foam. These foam machines can be quite heavy, so a secure mounting is needed. These units need an electric line and a hose for party foam solution sent up to them. The other end of the hose is attached to a submersible pump in a tank. The pump also requires electricty an should be also plugged into a GFI plug.

Barrel Foam Machines can be run at any angle pointing towards the ground. They should not be run at any angle that might get foam to run bakwards inside the machine. When mounted at the edge of foam pits 5-6 feet high they can have a slight upward ark to the foam as long as the insides of the machine stay DRY. Our ShowBiz Giant Foam , party foam concentrate, works well in pre-diluted barrel foam machine.
RJNWorld barrel foam machine
Ceiling Foam Party Machine
RJNWorld Ceilking Foam Machine

This foam party machine is hung from over head. It can be quite heavy, so it must be secured to prevent falling. The height hung from the ground is 10-15 feet. It makes it's party foam by blowing air through a bag soaked with foam solution. As the air passes through the bag it grabs the foam party fluid and blows a bubble. Mass produce these bubbles and you have foam. This type of design usually cannot produce foam as fast as a barrel foam machine. With a straight down drop, this position allows for good foam party formation and even flow. Two lines run up to the foam unit and should not be tangled or kinked. The first line is for electricty. In the USA it is 110 V to power the fan. The second line is a 3/4 to 1 inch hose. This feeds the foam party solution mixture up to the foam machine. The other end of hose is attached to a submergable pump that sits in a mixing tank. This tank holds the foam solution at the correct mix dilution. It is usually a 55 gallon drum. The pump is usually 110 V. Both the fan power line and the foam fluid pump should be plugged into a GFI (ground fault interupter) plug. Remember water and electricity do not mix!

If the fan in the unit is powerful enough, it can also be used as a side blower foam machine. It is simply placed securly 5 feet up and angled so it shoots parallel to the ground. It can usually shoot foam 10-15 feet out and pile it up. Our ShowBiz Giant Foam , foam party fluid, works well in pre-diluted barrel foam machine.
RJNWorld ceiling foam machine
Foam Party Cannon

RJNWorld Foam Cannon Machine

Foam cannons are designed to shoot foam. There are two types of cannons. The original cannon was siphon filled from a 5 gallon pail of party foam concentrate. When the water was turned on it siphon up the party foam concentrate, blends it with the water, and then sprays it on a mesh screen. A high speed high volume fan will the push the party foam juice through the mesh and party foam will be generated. A proper set up siphon cannon can propel foam 50-60 feet and produce 4800 cubic feet of foam. All this from one 5 gallon pail of foam concentrate. Our ShowBiz SUPER FOAM, foam party fluid, is designed for this type cannon.

Now most foam cannons work on pre-mixed foam solutions just like barrel and ceiling units. Our ShowBiz Giant Foam, party foam fluid, works well in the pre-mixed foam machine. They are a little more cumbersome and not as manuverable as a siphon cannon since you now are tethered to a foam solution tank.
RJNWorld foam cannon machine
Party Foam Machine

RJNWorld Party Foam Machine

This is the "Original" and smallest of the foam machines. It is the size of 2 shoe boxes. One could easily mistake it for a snow machine. It's run off a gallon of pre-mixed foam solution. Eight ounces of foam concentrate is put into a gallon jug, with 120 ounces of water. THe mixed foam juice is then pumped into a mesh sock. A heavy duty fan then blows through the sock and foam is made. The unit is self contained and some have an on and off remote. It is usually securely placed 6-8 feet off the floor and the turned on. A foam trail about the diameter of a large gratefruit then exits the machine. Small kids like it becuse it is not overwhelming. It can run 45-60 minutes on 1 fill up. Our ShowBiz Party Foam works well in this small foam machine.

These light portable machines are easy to transport and are great for small kids parties. Two or three of these shooting out foam like a big python can put a smile on any kids face.
RJNWorld barrel foam machine
How long will my party foam machine run?

Would you walk up to a gas station attendant with a gallon of gasoline and ask how "How many miles can I go on this gallon?" The first thing out of his mouth would be,"What are you driving?" A small engine car gets more miles than a muscle car.

Test your Foam Generator for "RUN DURRATION"

1. Set up your Foam Machine for normal use.
2. Fill the foam solution drum with a known amount of water.
3. Turn on the Foam Machine fan, then turn on the pump.
4. Collect the clean water in a catch basin.
5. Note the time it takes to pump your known amount of water into the catch basin.

The time it takes to pump the water is how long your Foam Juice will last.

5 gallons of clear water pumped in 5 minutes = 50 gallons foam party solution entertainment lasting 50 minutes.
How Can I Make My Foam Machine Run Longer?
(Use Less Foam Solution)

Most Foam Generators on the market today are over powered and have not been scientifically engineered for maximum performance. If a machine is over powered it is pumping too much foam solution for maximum effectiveness and is therefore wasting foam juice. This problem can be corrected by the installation and proper use of a return hose loop.

1. Install a Y valve hose connector, on the output sideof the pump, with a return hose loop back to the foam solution drum.
2. Close the hose side going to the foam machine.
3. Open the return hose line 100%.
4. Turn on the pump. You are now circulating the foam solution, out of the pump and back into the barrel. This will help mix the foam concentrate uniformly.
5. Turn on the fan in the foam machine.
6. Slowly open the foam solution hose line going to the foam generator. Foam will start to be made.
7. Stop opening the valve on the foam hose (to the foam machine) when the maximum amount is being produced.
8. If the foam hose side is wide open, slowly close the return hose side to see if this will increase the foam output.
9. Stop and note the valve positions when the maximum volume of fluffy dry foam is reached using the minimum amount of foam juice solution. NEVER Close Both valves at the same time. This could damage to your pump

By using this method no strain is put on the pump and it it is being allowed to operate at peak perforfance. THe amount of air to foam solution can be regulated so dry fluffy foam can be achieved. NOTE... The hieght of the foam machine will change the solution pressure need, so the valve will have to be tweeked at that heighth for peak output. When the maximum foam rate is achieved, you can now do the clean water test to find your new flow use rate.

RJNworld foam machine std    RJNworld foam machine adv
What Foam Party Solutions should I use?

Safety should come first when putting on a foam party. You don't want any complaints. You want a fun time had by one and all. Home made, industrial chemicals, or dish washing soaps are not advisable. They can bring on rashes, chaffing, nausea, vomiting, and a trip to the emergency room or doctor. You should be thinking of professional foam fluids and solutions made with only cosmetic grade ingredients. All of our ShowBiz Product Line are made with the safest of ingredients. See our Answers to FAQ web page for more details on this subject.

A good safe level of foam is waste high for kids and below the shoulders for adults. Remember all foam solutions are made from surfactants. You don't eat or breathe soap, foam is no different. Remember outdoor events can cause severe sunburns because the sun screens will be washed off.

RJNworld party Foam fluid    RJNworld party Foam fluid    RJNworld party Foam fluid
"How do I clean up a Foam Party?"

Foam is made up of a blend of air, water, and a surfactant. Controlling the blend will create the easiest clean up.  A dry foam will evaporate leaving hardly any water. A wet gooey foam will have a high water ratio. It will evaporate very slow and leave a lot of water behind. If caught in a foam pit it can be mopped or sucked up with a wet & dry vacuum. Be sure to put some baby oil in the collection area of the vacuum to break down the foam that is generated inside. Otherwise your in for a foamy dead vacuum. If you need to break down the foam for quicker clean up, a squirt bottle of ordinary isopropyl alcohol when sprayed on the foam will knock it down fast.

If the foam party was done on the grass, wash off the area with clean water. This will help the grass from getting fried by the sun. Remember foam is a type of soap it can remove the waxy cutical from the grass and cause it to dry out.

This notice is meant to advise all foam solution users of just some of the difficulties that could arise in the use of entertainment solutions. Since the manufacturer has no control over the correct use of this information. Sole liability for the use of this machine information is the responsibility of the person generating the Foam. This information is not meant to bypass any correct machine uses or warranty considerations.

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