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concentrated dry snow juice solutions

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Our Snow Juice Concentrate makes extra dry "Disappearing Snow" for indoor and outdoor snow blowing. Does your current “snow juice concentrate” leave your guests sneezing or with a scratchy throat? Does your current “snow juice concentrate” accumulate to wet down everything it touches and create a very big clean up mess? “Disappearing Snow” stops these problems from starting when used in an adjustable snow machine. It lets you set the volume of snow you want. You can have a fine snow that evaporates before it hits the ground. This means no messy clean up and no wet carpets. Or, you can crank up the volume on the snow machine to produce a blizzard flurry and coat everything with 3 inches or more of snow. Snow flakes can float past 75 feet.    Cool!

Check out the video of our "Disappearing Snow" , snow juice concentrate, used in the standard 1500 watt snow machine that is sold on EBAY. It blows up a blizzard...

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Disappearing Snow juice concentrate

RJNWorld snow machine               RJNWorld snow machine
Disappearing Snow , snow juice concentrate, comes in a concentrated snow juice formulation in an 8 ounce bottle. Simply reconstitute it by adding it to 120 ounces of ordinary tap water. And, presto you have 1 gallon (128 ounces) of fantastic light and fluffy ready to use snow solution. Place the siphon hose in the container, dial in the volume, and sit back and enjoy the snow fall. From a light dusting to a heavy blizzard your guests will be thrilled. The concentrated size means a smaller product storage area and low, low shipping costs.

Disappearing Snow ,snow juice concentrate, is not only exhilarating to enjoy and play in; it also doesn’t leave your guests uncomfortable because as it dries, it evaporates to leave next to nothing behind. This concentrated theatrical entertainment product is made from biodegradable, non-toxic, cosmetic grade surfactants and has no artificial fragrances, dyes, or smelly ingredients to make your snow event as safe as possible. Snow flakes can float past 75 feet.
Disappearing Snow juice concentrate gallon size
Disappearing Snow juice concentrate 8 oz. price
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